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Welcome to Mount Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church!
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Daily Prayer Calendar
May 2015 Prayer Calendar
Daily Lectionary Scripture Readings for the week of Pentecost May 24-30, 2015
Sunday-        Acts 2:1-21
Monday-       John 3:16-21
Tuesday-       John 6:44-51
Wednesday- Acts 3:11-21
Thursday-    Acts 4:23-31
Friday-         Ephesians 4:11-16
Saturday-     John 20:19-23
(Because these passages are linked to Bible Gateway,they are read in NIV 2011, NIV 1984 was previously removed from their website at their inseption of the newer version of NIV 2011 so they can no longer be linked in the NIV 1984 format)
June      1, 8, (15), 22 & 29 - Monday Evening Worship Service at 6:30 pm
                          Koine assists us in our Monday Worship Services
                          Isaiah 62 assists us on the 15th

June      6
 - Contemporary Worship 5:00pm
                          Isaiah 62 assists us in our Contemporary Worship
                            Faith, Food & Fun to follow 

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WELS Campus Ministry
WELS Ministry for those in college and their parents.
WELS Military Ministry
The WELS Military Services Committee provides spiritual services to WELS members and others who serve in the United States Armed Forces.

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