Do you have children? So do we! And we want them to hear about their Savior, too, so we worship with them. Let's be honest: children get loud sometimes. We don't mind. We'd rather they be in church than kept away from God. Are you still concerned? No problem: we have a children's room in the back for those days when the little ones just can't sit still. 


One of the first things people worry about when they visit a church is, "What should I wear?" Honestly? Whatever you want. We have folks in suits worshiping their amazing God right next to people wearing jeans. Don't let wardrobe get in the way of your relationship with Jesus!


We enjoy a variety of worship music. If you like traditional hymns, join us on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening. If modern music is more your style, check out our Saturday evening services. We recognize there are many ways to pray, praise, and proclaim what our amazing God has done for us. And just as David danced and sang with a glad song for God, we want everyone who worships with us to feel comfortable as we approach our Savior. While the style might change, the message is always the same: we are imperfect people who need a Savior. Jesus Christ is that Savior!


We celebrate the Lord's supper twice a month. We ask that if you are not already a member of Mount Calvary or another WELS or ELS congregation, that you do not come up for communion until you talk with one of our pastors so we can explain our practices. 

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