Mount Calvary teachers have a wide range of gifts and passions and provide a fun and inspiring learning environment. With a low student to teacher ratio, Mount Calvary is big enough to fill our student's needs but small enough to provide lots of one-on-one attention. And with Christ at the center of everything we teach, we are thankful that God has blessed our students and school with excellence in academics. 

  • Curriculum to prepare students for high school, college, and beyond

  • Student to teacher ratio 16:1 (not including teacher aides)

  • Students perform well above national average

  • Fun projects to inspire our students (Cinco de Mayo celebrations, biographies of famous Wisconsinites, rain forest presentations, Readers' Cafe, Irish Fest, etc.)


Mrs. Pat Scheibe keeps the kindergarten class active and learning with days filled with song, movement, and hands-on learning. With a room full of animals and God’s Word in every subject, she keeps her love for God and nature as a focal point of the classroom: “I love opening the students’ minds and eyes to God’s amazing creations,” she says. Students enjoy a memorable year full of engaging and educational field trips.

Growing up in Chicago has kept Mrs. Scheibe a Cubs fan, but she has lived in Waukesha County since 1980. Mrs. Scheibe, a Dr. Martin Luther College graduate, has been serving as Mount Calvary’s kindergarten teacher since 1998. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, baking, running, caring for her pets, and camping.                               

Mrs. Prange graduated from Martin Luther College in May of 2018 with a bachelor degree in Education with an emphasis in Music. 

She received a call to serve here at Mount Calvary where she teaches 1st grade, 1-8 music, and directs the Junior Choir.

In her free time, she plays organ for church, and is a member of the adult choir and Reflections Choir. 

Lydia was married in June of 2018 to Joel Prange, who is studying to be a pastor at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, WI. Her and her husband live in Menomonee Fall, WI.

In their free time, Joel and Lydia enjoy visiting family and friends, going to musicals, and traveling whenever possible.

1st Grade
2nd Grade

Mrs. Broekema wanted to be a teacher ever since she was in first grade, and is very thankful for all of the teachers and others that encouraged her along the way.  She is also feels very blessed to be teaching 2nd grade at Mount Calvary. Mrs. Broekema especially loves teaching children about God’s Word and what it means for them in their lives. She wants to grow spiritually and emotionally throughout the year, and that they also develop a love for reading!

Mrs. Broekema is married and has three children. When she is not taking them to their games and practices, she enjoys scrapbooking, making cards, reading, and playing piano and organ. She previously taught 5th and 6th grades in Anchorage and 3rd and 4th grades in Cudahy.                           

Mrs. Gnewuch has been serving Mount Calvary since 2018 and is interested in Growth MIndset and having weekly STEM activities in the classroom. She wants her students to walk away with an increased understanding of Jesus’ love for them and all people; challenges and mistakes are opportunities to learn; keep trying and working hard and you can accomplish anything; comfortable expressing self through writing. After graduating from Martin Luther College in 2004, Mrs. Gnewuch has taught a variety of grade levels from 1st through Freshmen and Sophomores in High School. She has also had a variety of full time and part time positions over the past 14 years. Currently she is serving Mount Calvary as a part-time 2nd grade teacher.

She has been married to her husband Mike for 10 years and is blessed with two children: Libby, 9 and Andrew, 6. The Gnewuch family enjoys watching and participating in sports and other outdoor activities; she also enjoy drinking coffee, exercising, playing piano and reading a good book.

Mrs. Scheibe has been serving at Mount Calvary since 2010 and is excited to share her love for Christ with her students. She loves to watch as students grow and succeed throughout the school year and has a desire to make education fun. “I love kids and love seeing them enjoy learning and having fun while they are learning—that inspires me to teach,” she says. Mrs. Scheibe most looks forward to sharing God’s Word with her students during Christ Light lessons and religion classes.


When not teaching, she is enthusiastic about coaching various sports at Mount Cavlary. In her spare time she enjoys scrapbooking, camping, and being active.


3rd Grade
4th Grade

Mr. Rebernick has been in the teaching ministry since 2010. He has a great love for the outdoors, which he brings into the classroom as he inspires his students to learn more about the marvels of God’s creation through activities such as a school garden. He encourages children to try new things and to open their eyes to new experiences. Besides serving as teacher and athletic director, he is also a licensed personal trainer and seeks to help every student and athlete perform to their very best with their God given physical abilities.


He loves to spend time outdoors with his wife Kathryn, daughters Johanna and Ruth, and son Kenn.


Mr. Pingel grew up moving all around the midwest, due to different callings of his two parents that started off as educators. He is the youngest of six kids. After moving to the west coast and attending Evergreen Lutheran High School, Mr. Pingel continued his education in 2006 starting at Martin Luther College to train to be a teacher. His first call was to Milwaukee, WI to serve at Mt. Lebanon Lutheran school as a fourth-grade teacher in 2010. Mr. Pingel married his wife Stephenie on December 28th, 2010. Mr. Pingel received a Master's Degree in Reading and Literacy through Walden University by 2015. In 2018, he accepted a call to start serving as a departmentalized teacher here at Mount Calvary. Mr. Pingel and his wife have two wonderful children, Matthias who is three years old, and Leah who recently turned one!

5th-6th Grade
7th-8th Grade

Miss Gilbert loves to teach literature because reading affords everyone the opportunity to travel to the very limits of imagination. Miss Gilbert has called Mount Calvary home since she was a toddler, attending the school’s very first kindergarten class. She began teaching at Mount Calvary after graduating from Carroll College in 1996. Both of her  parents have worked for the school or served on various boards and church council throughout the years.


Miss Gilbert also directs the student Hand Chime Choir, participates in the adult Hand Bell Choir, and sings in Mount Calvary’s Adult Choir. She also enjoys reading, listening to music, scrapbooking, and gathering "useless" information about the amazing World God has made.


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